Friday, 14 March 2014


We, as conscious, aware citizens, ought to ponder over the multifaceted reasons for the debacle we find ourselves faced with, insofar as India’s face in global economy. There exists a bold contrast between the opportunities available for the skilled and the ones available for the unskilled. The abject conditions faced by the marginalized youth, are the result of several aspects, availability and usage of technology being a prominent one.

Ensuring a fairly digitally well equipped lower section of the societal pyramid, by means of inclusive growth and development, might be the solution to bridging these gaps.  And bridging these gaps could engender more employment opportunities for all, thus, ultimately improving the economy in the process. Employment and computer education are intricately interwoven in today’s Information age. Technology has compressed the world closer together. Computer is the most commonplace devise today. Basic knowledge of computers is a must for almost all job profiles. It thus, brings to the forefront, the importance of computer education. 

Internet was born more than 2 decades ago. While most developed countries have at least 70% of their population reaping the benefits of Internet efficiency, whereas India is on 9.4% computer literacy rate, with only 3% of Internet penetration (2011 Census-Communication in India). Dearth of Internet users is just the tip of the iceberg, as, there are multitudes who haven’t even heard of internet’s existence. We need to recognise the imperativeness of reaching out to the regressive, unexposed classes and facilitating technology for them.
The need of the day is a mass Computer Literacy Program to propagate this need and to hopefully, bring about some welcome changes in the situation. Vedanta Foundation hopes to break some ground and revolutionize computer training by launching an e- campaign, aptly named, ‘e-DUCATE’, on the 2nd of December 2012, which happens to be the 11th World Computer Literacy Day.  Employment post training completion is the distinguished feature of this campaign.

 e-DUCATE will serve as an addendum to Vedanta’s consistent efforts to generate mainstream opportunities for the underprivileged youth through a initiative providing skills on computer literacy.
Posted 18th October 2012 by Vedanta Foundation

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