Friday, 14 March 2014

Oct 10 - Gainful Employment for the marginalized Youth.

Indian economy is a developing one, as of 2012. Yet we are faced with the ever rising rate of unemployment. For the development of our nation, we need to optimise the stupendous population we are endowed with. Elevating the underprivileged to an acceptable level is another indispensable factor to the development of a developing nation.
Greater importance needs to be given to technical and vocational education, as these fields are easily the vessels for maximum progress. We, at Vedanta Foundation, are trying to be the conduits supplying eligible and competent individuals in need, to the industries in need of trained professionals.
With this world view in mind, Vedanta Foundation began Vocational Training Program in several parts of the country, rural as well as urban, providing computer literacy, grooming, soft skills training etc. The central idea was to equip the people of India, especially the less fortunate with the wherewithal to fend for themselves.
Several courses are offered by Vedanta Foundation. Notable ones are, Beautician and Tailoring courses for women, Industrial Electrician courses, Mobile Repairing courses etc. Apart from these, Life Skills Training and Spoken English courses of superlative quality, are also offered by Vedanta Foundation. All these programs are offered at affordable fees.
Computer Literacy, is one of our momentous initiatives. Computer Literacy Centers have been set up in several small districts and regions. Percolation of the importance of digitization through the minds of the locals in these areas is another important factor that this initiative concentrates on.
Most importantly, every student is assured of appropriate employment assistance, on successful completion of the course.

To serve our nation and its people is and will remain our sole doctrine.   

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